OS Golf 7th Feb & Reunion 8th Feb 2019

Dear OS & OS spouses,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the next Golf Day & Reunion will be held as follows:

1) OS Golf Day – 7th of Feb 2019

2) OS Reunion and Ball – 8th of Feb 2019

Venue: 12 Carmen Village, Victory Heights, Sports City, Dubai.

Dress code: School colors / Valentine colors – Red and White since the date is close Valentine’s. So, the colors will work for both!

Cost per head: AED 225.00

3) One of the hard things to do is to keep a track of OS leaving the country and others relocating here. So, everyone is requested to check the names in the cc column and advise me of names that may have been missed & have moved recently in the region. Some names appear even though they are not based here as they have requested to be updated on our Chapter activities.

4) Golf as usual will be organized by Anil Sobti, Vipin Singh & Kunal Chowdry.

Kindly save these dates! Looking forward to everyone’s participation.

Never Give In!

Sanjeev Suri,


Email ids of the organizers:

Anil Sobti – anil.sobti@emirates.com

Kunal Chowdry – kunalchowdry@hotmail.com

Angleen Malik – angleenm@gmail.com

Shaila Singh – vsingh18@gmail.com

Sonali Ahluwalia – soniknz@gmail.com

Sagar Bhasin – sagar.bhasin@gmail.com

Riddhika Khanna – riddhikakhanna@gmail.com


Untold Battlefield Tales- Sagat Shaunik (OS 2009)


Untold Battlefield Tales: a coffee-table book by Sagat Shaunik, NBD 09 has majority articles authored by him along with contributions  by few guest authors  which is edited by him. 

Don’t miss his updated Chapter on “The School That Probably Won Basantar” that reveals 10 Sanawarians who fought on the western front in 1971. Five gallant officers from Batch of 1957 earned 2 Maha Vir Chakras (1 Posthumous); 1 Vir Chakra and 1 Mention in Despatches. Besides India’s youngest Param Vir Chakra was earned by 2/Lt Arun Khetarpal, NBD 66. 

Published by “Fauji Foundation of India”, the coffee-table book will be released on 26 January 2019.

All proceeds shall assist in building a corpus-fund for War-Disabled Soldiers, Widows and children of men who laid down their lives in wars / operations.

To purchase a copy, please transfer INR 1900 (India) or USD 60 (abroad) per copy to undermentioned bank details


Bank Name – AXIS Bank, Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Savings A/c No – 918 010 071 113 608


Thereafter, email transaction details with your postal address to faujimagazine@gmail.com

In your email, please add a referral code: “THE IRREGULARS”, in case you want to participate in a private-contest, details will be communicated on receipt of code.


Obituary – Prabhsharan S. Kang



Prabhsharan S. Kang (Nilagiri 1955-61), passed away on 16 January 2019 in Chandigarh, after a battle with cancer and subsequent complications. He is survived by his wife Bina, and two sons,  Sirtaj Kang (N’93) and Giriraj Kang (N’97) .

Heartfelt Condolences from the OS Fraternity.

Remembering Prabh

Prabh was such a multi faceted personality, whatever I write will not do him justice. He was a passionate Sanawarian. As the OS President he was primarily responsible for the first draft of the Constitution of The OS Society as none had existed before. The research he did on The Lawrence Schools is epic, and we all admired him for the effort. He was single handidly responsible for forging a bond between the Three Schools,including the one in Pakistan,.incapsulating our motto…Never Give In. He went in search of history to Mount Abu and found the grave of Lady Honoria Lawrence, a great achievement. Prabh was a very vibrant person, always met you with a warm hug and a warm smile on his face. Our 61 group meets very often for batch get togethers and Prabh was a regular till he fell ill. Prabh and I interacted and argued a great deal during our 50th reunion,, but the bond of friendship was so strong that we would call up and have a laugh at each other’s expense, really in the true Sna spirit. Keeping in mind his musical journey, I write the words below.

Like the
Lingering notes
Of a melody,
The chimes
Of our Big Bell
You will resound
In our memory
As time well spent
RIP Dear Friend

Vinay Chopra Tuli (SGD61)
On Behalf of Class of 6

Headmaster’s Letter to Parents and OS – End of Winter Term 2018

Dear Parents and Old Sanawarians,

Another term came to an end, another year is nearing its end and yet another batch of Sanawarians walked out of the School Chapel for the last time as the proud students of  “The Best School of All”.

The year 2018 was full of activities and achievements where all the students and staff worked hard to chip in with their own bit to ensure that glorious traditions of the School are maintained while we march on to achieve greater heights.

Talking of the traditions, while it is important to safeguard and hold on to some traditions, some ‘so called traditions’ need to be re-looked/modified/changed with the changing time. To give you an example, traditionally we had the UVI girls positioned as Troop – 4 in the Founder’s parade and the two ‘pilots’  who escort the Chief Guest were always boys. Last year we moved the UVI girls as Troop – 2 and this year the two pilots were both girls. These are small steps towards ensuring parity between the boys and girls in Sanawar.

Another thing which often saddens me is when I hear from many new students joining School who have / had siblings in School or had their parents having studied here saying that it is ‘ok’ to accept favours / little bit of bullying as it is an acceptable norm in the School. My response to this is a clear and firm ‘not acceptable in any form’. I always encourage my students to say no to all forms of harassment and bullying and stand firm. I urge all the parents and Old Sanawarians to support the School in uprooting this scourge from the minds of our children. Let us join hands to ensure that every child studying in Sanawar is a happy and contended child, free from any form of harassment and bullying.

This brings me to another important issue, the value system. We expect our children to be honest, law abiding, caring, polite, tolerant and committed. While the School is committed to impregnate and nurture such qualities in its students, the parents play a very important role in ensuring that the efforts are successful.

I have been addressing the parents time and again on the issue of honouring School‟s codes and polices. I regret some of the parents grossly ignore such requests and openly flaunt School rules and regulations. How do you explain students found in possession of cell phones, parents / relatives bringing huge amounts of tuck / fresh food and smuggling them into the dormitories, obtaining leave / getting leave extended based on frivolous and sometimes fake reasons, being rude and impolite to School staff in front of their children or not supporting the School in their effort to correct the shortcomings of their children.

I know a large majority of the parents are a strong supporter of the School’s efforts to make things better for the children. However, a handful of the defaulting parents are responsible for not only having a negative impact on their own child’s mind but also for creating an atmosphere which send negative vibes all around. They force the law abiding parents and students to think if their legitimate ways are worthy of continuation or should they too fall prey to unethical dirty tricks. I earnestly request all defaulting parents to help us in moulding our children into honest, law abiding, caring, polite, tolerant and committed citizens of this country and above all to be good human beings.

Together we can make a difference

Sanawar is proud to have six of its L VI students summiting Mt. Everest in 2013, a feat rare for that age group. Now with our equally capable and enthusiastic girls, we aim to summit Africa’s highest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro.
As shared with you all earlier, the entire expedition will be split into three phases:

Phase – I

Adventure training at Snow Leopard Camp at Rishikesh from February 24 to March 01, 2019

Phase – II

Acclimatization training in Ladakh from July 11 to July 18, 2019

Phase – III

Summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro between August 2 and August 11, 2019

The expedition will be led by the well known mountaineer and adventurer Mr. Ajeet Bajaj (Old Sanawarian Batch of 1983). Mr. Bajaj is currently heading towards Antarctica with his daughter Deeya for yet another tough and demanding climb. Mr. Bajaj and his experienced team will ensure that safety and security is not compromised at any stage. One lady teacher from the School will also be a part of this expedition.

The School is committed to supporting our UV and UVI students taking Board examinations in March 2019. We will be sending two sets of practice papers (covering all subjects of UV and UVI) to them during the vacation period. The first set of practice papers will be sent on Jan 5, 2019 followed by the marking schemes of each paper a week later. The second set of practice papers will be sent on Feb 5, 2019 followed by the marking schemes of each of those papers a week later. These practice papers will be sent to all the students through their parents’ email registered with us. We expect the students to use these papers after thoroughly revising their entire syllabi. We will also be sharing the email IDs of the concerned subject teachers for any guidance / clarification the students may need during the vacation period.

The School was earlier honoring the teaching staff on the completion of 25 years of service to the School. We have now extended this honour to administrative and support staff as well. Further, we will also be honoring the staff completing 30, 35 and 40 years of service to the School. This is a small gesture on part of the School to acknowledge and appreciates the hard work and dedication of its staff. Every member of staff, including administrative and support staff who are retiring from the School are now given a formal School farewell at the School assembly. We feel it is important for the students to know about and acknowledge the contribution of these staff in their lives, here at School, especially the administrative and support staff who work behind the scene and do not come in direct contact with the students.

As informed earlier, the School has initiated a new fund called ‘The Lawrence School Sanawar Staff Medical Emergency Fund’ to meet any medical emergency of the School staff. The Board of Governors has already given its approval for the creation of this fund. Apart from the contributions / donations from its alumni, this fund will also receive 5% of the total contribution of each year’s silver and golden jubilee batches. I strongly urge the OS fraternity to contribute towards this fund. The contributions should be on the name of ‘The Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar’ and the bank details are as follows:

Name of beneficiary: The Headmaster, The Lawrence School, Sanawar

A/C Number: 65004200377

Bank name: State Bank of India

Branch: Sanawar

Branch code: 50199

IFSC Code: SBIN0050199

All contributors are requested to indicate clearly the purpose of the remittance (Sanawar Staff Medical Emergency Fund).

I would also like to share a few administrative changes that will be effective from the Spring term 2019.

Mrs. Binita Rishi, Senior Mistress (PD) has decided to move on and wishes to spend more time with her family. We are very grateful to Mrs. Rishi for her service and contribution and for effectively managing the Prep Department for over two years. Dr. Anurag Pandey, who was teaching Physics in the senior school, has also decided to move on. We thank him for his contribution to the School. We wish both Mrs. Rishi and Dr. Pandey and their families good health, happiness and prosperity.

I am happy to inform you that Mrs. Meena Bhalla, who teaches Computer Science and is Housemistress (PD Girls), will take over as Senior Mistress (PD) w.e.f. Spring term 2019.

The following changes will also be effective from Spring term 2019:

(a) Mrs. Sindhu Bahuguna will take over as Housemistress (PD Girls)

(b) Mr. Ravinder Singh Kanwar will take over as Housemaster (PD Boys H&N)

(c) Mrs. Samita Mukherjee will take over as Housemistress (Nilagiri GD)

(d) Maj. Priya Jhingan will take over as Housemistress (Holding House GD H&N)

We wish all of them a long and fruitful tenure in their new appointments.

Wishing all of you and your families a ‘Happy and Prosperous New Year’.


Warm regards,

Vinay Pande                                                                                             December 26, 2018

Obituary- Shashi Das Agarwal (OS61)

Two little girls..staring at each other..way back in March 1952..both of us,six years old joined Sanawar and remained dearest friends ever since or forever…but that forever ended today…Shashi,what was the hurry..we have many good years ahead of us I thought….shocked and shaken to the core. Rest In Peace my dear always smiling Friend. The below I have written just for Shashi.

A star in the sky
Is not me
rustling of the leaves
A perfume in the air
Up in the mountains
The delicate pine
Mine..all mine
That’s where
Me you will find
Grieve not..
I am there…always there

(Vinay Chopra Tuli)

Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Old Sanawarian Family.