Soul Survivors By Anu Malhotra – 26th Oct 2018

Soul Survivors By Anu Malhotra

Tour de Sanawar – 28th Oct 2018

Tour de Sanawar


Class of 93- Silver Jubilee Celebrations Founders 2018

Some of the batch mates pen their thoughts on their reunion

‘93’ is no more a mere number for us !! Two successive reunions (Chandigarh and Sanawar) and an evident craving for more, only exhibits the warmth of our days spent in School !!

‘93’ is a symbol of togetherness, warmth, khup and partying hard !! Never knew that just two digits would one day symbolise feelings and character of around 80 odd people !!! Love you all and would always cherish every single moment of togetherness whilst looking forward for many more !!
Vijay Tiwari VBD

Left off as teenagers
Met again as mid agers
The passage of time undeterred….
Childhood friendships revered..
Walking down the memory lane …
All the sleepless nights did drive us insane …
A huge round of applause for the organisers
Who did a fabulous job with a great cause …
Lots of love to you all
Till we meet and relive it all..
Namrata Sood VGD

It was great to finally connect with you all. Special thanks to Bhattal, Kewal ,Suvi , Fox and Boozie .I spent my wonder years in this great school form 2 to upper 4 . Five wonderful years . I left but , always wanted to come back to the rain on the tin roof . There was an emotional void in me. After 25 years seeing you all, the memories came back in flashes ,Quite emotional for me. I needed to see my childhood friends again ,I am good now . It was great creating khup with you Pom Pom , Guri ,Sangha , Balta , Vig and all of you. Let the khup allways be with you . Bashing on regardless .Lot’s of Love Himmat Nakai NBD

It’s so unique and special to come together for the most memorable few days of laughter, dancing and crazy times of our lives.
It’s never enough
Thank you Subil, Kewal and Sodhi for your warm hearts and supreme generosity..
We will send a thank you something for Chawla and his wife ..
Lots of love to all forever and ever …
Natasha Chaudhri VGD

Though it’s be longer than 25 years since I left Sanawar. I thank the batch of ’93 that reconnected with me to be a part of the silver jubilee celebrations.
I guess once a part of this institution you are always a part of it. This batch that came together from ends of the earth to celebrate the occasion. An awesome gathering of great friends with memories that go back 3 decades. Thank you all for a truly memorable trip back to Sanawar. Cheers!!
Angad Kalaan VBD

I cannot formulate an expression using tangible words in any language that would even begin to express how much I enjoyed our 25th reunion. But, thank you to everybody who helped organise the get together in Delhi and in Chandigarh. And a huge thank you to all those who turned up for the reunion. You made the experience truly memorable. Do give a shout if you happen to visit this part of the world.
Manmeet Poonia VBD

East Coast Chapter Meetup 23rd Sept 2018

By Feroze Dhanoa(VGD ‘10)

OS East Coast Chapter Gets New Leadership, Direction At Colorful Manhattan Reunion

About 100 people, 71 of whom were Old Sanawarians of all ages, came together to start something new and reminisce about the old school days.

Just under two weeks before Sanawar celebrated its 171st Founder’s Day, Old Sanawarians from across the east coast gathered in midtown Manhattan for a reunion that saw the solidifying of the region’s official chapter.

The mood was energetic as over 100 people — Old Sanawarians and their family members — gathered at the Delhi Art Gallery located inside Manhattan’s Fuller Building. The OS represented all generations of the school’s history but were united by a desire to bond with their fellow school alumni, give back to the best school of all and share in the good old memories that even tapped into taste buds.

Food for the event was catered by Navjot Arora (HBD ‘86), who owns three restaurants in the tri-state area (two in Westchester County and one in New York City). Part of the food spread at the event was bun-sums, a Sanawar classic.

“The one thing that they really wanted to have was the bun samosas and the bun tikkis,” Arora said.

New Chapter Head Chosen

Among the high energy and nostalgic food, people connected with their batchmates, even with those older and younger than them and appreciated the good that can come out of the formation of this new chapter.

Anupma Sethi (HGD ‘59) said the revival of the east coast unit was “absolutely great” and “wonderful.”

Vasant Dhar (NBD ‘72), who teaches at New York University, said there isn’t really much of an OS scene in the tri-state area but he was pleased to see the turnout at the Manhattan event.

“I can see that the new OS society leadership is trying to create a community,” Dhar said, adding that it was a good thing.

The senior most Old Sanawarian in attendance, Gurdev S. Purewal (NBD ‘55), who has lived in the Pittsburgh-area for 43 years and works as an orthopedic surgeon, said it was his first time attending a OS get-together in the area.

“I met some of my friends over here and some of the children of my friends and that was really nice to talk to them,” Purewal said.

Purewal said the older O.S. settled in the region could help the younger generation find their feet. He also said he spoke to the headmaster, Mr. Vinay Pande, about forming an endowment fund for the school.

At the event, it was announced that KumKum Bhasin (HGD 67) would be the new head of the OS east coast chapter. Bhasin will be working closely with Sunil Verma (HBD ‘80) and Bhanu Virmani (VBD ‘82) to organize the chapter.

In a prepared speech accepting the nomination, Bhasin said she had three requests: that a specific day be chosen to have a yearly reunion on the east coast, that people respond to emails that will be sent out on mentoring and collaboration efforts and that the attendees continue to reminisce about school days.

“We are all Alums but we are also strangers- however dynamic information that encourages mentoring and collaborating will make us a live community with an understanding of loyalty to each other and respect for each other’s time,” Bhasin wrote in her speech. “We will mentor juniors, children, family members of OS.”

Headmaster’s Speech

Pande, who attended the Manhattan event after engagements in Montreal and Toronto, gave a speech that left attendees hopeful about the direction the school was taking. Pande said he is a firm believer of traditions but also acknowledged that things need to change and academic results cannot just be ignored.

“Those things which identify Sanawar, which one feels is necessary for a person to inculcate good values, I think they’ll never change,” Pande said.

The headmaster cited some of the changes he has brought about at the school; moving the 15th of August celebration from Birdwood to Peacestead, moving the girls’ squad at the Founder’s Day NCC parade from the fourth to the second position among the four squads (part of his push to bring girls and boys at par across all fields) and introducing an annual Holi celebration.

“I am a risk-taker but a calculated risk-taker,” Pande said of his decision to the move the Independence Day celebration to Peacestead.

Pande also said he had secured the school board’s approval to bring the girl-boy ratio at the school to 50-50. As it currently stands, the ratio is 65-35 in favor of boys, he said. To accommodate the larger number of girls, Pande said a new girls dormitory has to be built and the school will need funding to realize the project.

Pande said he had been under the impression that old Sanawarians don’t want to give back to the school but he said he now knows that isn’t the case. Rather, it’s that there had been a disconnect between the school and the OS community.

But he said that it wasn’t just monetary donations the school was looking for but help in any form that OS could offer.

“I am just asking all of you to be with the school in whichever way you think you can help,” he said.

Letter from OS President and Founders Programme

Dear Sanawarians,

Below are the Founder’s 2018 communication from OS President Justice Rajive Bhalla (Retd) OS 70.

Click to view

OS Presidents letter
Founders Programme 2018
Agenda for AGM
Additional Agenda Item
OSS Financials – FY 2017-18
Brinda (OS80)

Headmaster’s Letter to Parents and OS- Founder’s Term 2018

Dear Parents and Old Sanawarians,

In my previous letter I had shared with you all the reconstruction / renovation work under progress. I am happy to report that the new toilets for PD boys and girls near their class rooms have been commissioned. Renovation of building number 31 (next to the tuck shop) has been completed. PD (Boys) outer toilets, Girls’ toilet and Staff toilets (Birdwood building) and BD night pans / wash rooms (all four Houses) have been renovated and commissioned.

The School is committed towards Staff professional development and two days oncampus workshop (July 22 and 23) saw the members of Teaching Staff, Hobbies Staff, Matrons and Administrative Heads engrossed in various activities and discussions revolving around team spirit, trust and excellence.

A follow up workshop on safety and security drills has been scheduled after Founder’s for all the Teaching and Hobbies Staff, Matrons, Administrative Staff and selected Support Staff. In addition to this we will also hold a workshop on ‘Etiquettes and Communication’ for Hobbies Staff, Matrons and Administrative Staff after Founder’s. I will be holding a workshop for our Teaching Staff on the topic ‘Theatre in Education’, highlighting importance and impact of various nuances of theatre in class room teaching.

The students enjoyed and benefitted from the ‘Safe Campus’ workshop held for all classes earlier in August. We are inviting Old Sanawarians from varied background to come to School and interact with the students and the staff. On August 5 the students were shown the movie ‘Soorma’ and what added to their delight was the presence of the Director of that movie Mr. Shaad Ali, who spent his formative years in Sanawar. Both the Prep School and the Senior School students engaged with him after the screening of the movie.

On 10th of August the well-known mountaineer and adventurer Mr. Ajeet Bajaj (OS Class of 1983 S) was in School and his presentation followed by an interaction was highly motivating. We intend to use Mr. Bajaj’s vast experience and expertise in the areas of mountaineering and adventure to make our camps and hikes and other adventure activities more challenging, meaningful and safer. We are also working on a plan to have a series of adventure activities during the long vacation period (summer and winter) leading up to our 175th year in 2022. One such expedition being planned for next summer vacation (2019) is an all girls’ expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro (highest mountain in Africa).

Sagat Shaunik (OS Class of 2009 N) interacted with L VI students on August 25. Sagat is an independent military history researcher and has authored many articles including his famous article on the ‘Battle of Basantar’ (1971) where nine Old Sanawarians were actively involved and seven of them won gallantry awards.

The Parent – Teacher meeting was held on September 1. I am slightly disappointed at the number of Parents who attended this PTM. While I am happy to see more and more Parents choosing School parties for their children, a larger attendance at the PTM is desirable. An interesting piece of fact and figures is that while 394 students went from School with School parties, only 197 students came back with School parties, the rest returning with their Parents. We will hope to see many more of you at the next PTM.

While the people in Kerala are fighting back to bring back normalcy after the devastating floods, the students and staff of the School are doing their bit to contribute towards the relief fund.

I have written to you all earlier about the need to re-visit and re-structure our annual School calendar. The reasons are many and I am summarizing a few of them below:

  • We get only 185 clear working days for academic work which is short of the expected 200 days (200 days x 6 hours = 1200 hours of academic time per academic year). All CBSE schools are expected to ensure this.
  • The L VI joins us not before April and consequently loses out on quality academic time. The afternoon classes are not a long term solution to this problem. Moreover, the additional days could be used for working extensively with our U V and U VI batches and adding more activities / practicals / educational trips for junior and middle school.
  • Most of the schools are open and running in July and many inter-school activities / sports tournaments are held during this period. Our students miss out participating in these activities and tournaments since we re-open on July 25. This also leads to us accepting too many activities in the month of August leading to many students being away from the School.
  • First half of June is quite warm and we face acute water shortage during that period. However, monsoon sets in early July in Sanawar, easing out the water crisis and bringing the temperature down.
  • Most of the schools are open till the third week of December when Sanawar, too, is not extremely cold. This can give us a lot of quality academic time post Founder’s.

I am also sharing with you all the break-up for the entire year in terms of effective working days in School, holidays and other non-working days as being followed currently. I would like you all to send your views / suggestions on this issue for us to arrive at a revised calendar, focusing primarily on benefitting the students’ community. You may send your views / suggestions on the following email ID:

You may use this email ID to send your views / suggestions on any other matter / issue as well. Your constructive feedback will help us to be better.

Caring and nurturing your children in School is a joint responsibility. Neither of us, we at the School or you as a parent, can shrug off our responsibility to ensure that they are looked after well, given the right values and motivated and supported to blossom into a well-rounded and well-grounded person. If either one of us takes this responsibility lightly, the child suffers. If we, as the School feel some issues need to be shared with you, the purpose is not to victimize the child but to find a solution together for the child’s benefit. Similarly if you have a concern / worry, share it with the concerned staff to work out a solution. Being aggressive, nasty or impolite does not help. Threatening a member of staff to take up the matter to the Headmaster is also not a nice way to deal with the problem. You are most welcome to bring the issue to my notice but not by threatening the staff.

The 21st Bhupinder Singh memorial inter-school soccer tournament concluded recently. The Sanawar team gave an exemplary display of stamina, skill and determination. In the finals we lost to our old rivals BCS, Shimla in penalty shootout. The Chief Guest for the final match was Col. Navjit Singh Sandhu (OS Class of 1991 N). Col. Sandhu has excelled and represented the country at the highest level in two vastly different and distinct equestrian disciplines, Show Jumping and Polo. His presence and words of wisdom were very inspiring.

Our Business Quiz teams are having a dream run. Since 2016 our School’s Business quiz teams have won seven inter-school quizzes, including our own Kirloskar Business Quiz (three in a row). The Chief Guest for this year’s Kirloskar Business Quiz was Mr. Karan Behal (OS Class of 2000 S) Founder & CEO, Pretty Secrets (MTC Ecom Pvt Ltd).

We are co-hosting (with Pinegrove School, Dharampur) IPSC U 17 Soccer tournament for boys. 23 teams are participating. It is the first time that an IPSC tournament is being co-hosted by two schools. Sanawar team played very well and made it to the quarter final stage where we lost to Lawrence School, Lovedale.

Founder’s preparation has begun. The campus is agog with the sound of the School band practicing, drama and dance practices picking up, NCC parade and PT practices gaining momentum and the Founder’s fever is catching up. We look forward to seeing you all on the 3rd and the 4th of October in School.

Refer Working days, holidays and vacations calendar for this year at the given link.

Warm regards,

Vinay Pande                                                                                                    September 12, 2018


Obituary- Shashi Das Agarwal (OS61)

Two little girls..staring at each other..way back in March 1952..both of us,six years old joined Sanawar and remained dearest friends ever since or forever…but that forever ended today…Shashi,what was the hurry..we have many good years ahead of us I thought….shocked and shaken to the core. Rest In Peace my dear always smiling Friend. The below I have written just for Shashi.

A star in the sky
Is not me
rustling of the leaves
A perfume in the air
Up in the mountains
The delicate pine
Mine..all mine
That’s where
Me you will find
Grieve not..
I am there…always there

(Vinay Chopra Tuli)

Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Old Sanawarian Family.