OS Nepal Chapter Meet 20th July 2018

OS Nepal Chapter Meet 20th July 2018


A Splendid Evening of 30 ! – Vancouver Meetup 30th June 2018

By Jagvir Dosanjh(OS 86)

It was an inaugural get together for OS living in and around Vancouver BC ! The great Sanawarian spirit was beaming around the restaurant. There was a smile on everyone’s face.
We laughed and talked and relived our school days . There were three generation of OS’s , oldest being Mr Jaideep Mumick from batch of 57 to the youngest OS , Vivian Kapoor of 2017 batch .
They both shared their lives in Sna . From their tales of school days it only displayed replica of experiences . One witnessed that Sna tradition is as strong as ever.
The spirit was so strong that Ravi Sekhon ( SBD) came all the way from Seattle and Rohini who had just arrived from India the same morning showed her enthusiasm by attending with her family

It was a collective effort of all attendees to keep the spirit alive and not let the effort go in vain. Well done Sna!
We have elected Neha Bains (OS2004) as Coordinator Vancouver Chapter . She’ll be assisted by Adev Singh Mansahia and Rohini both class of 2004 for future get together.
Congratulations to the Team !!!!
I do hope we’ll meet up every year and continue the Sna tradition!!!
Never Give In

OS Meetup Toronto – 20th May 2018

By Anjum Siddiqui(OS 87)

It was a wonderful turn out at the OS meetup on 20th May 2018 for all OS living in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Even though it was a long weekend, but almost everyone who was not out of town, was there!

It was from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at The Firkin Pub – a casual upmarket English pub by the lake Ontario, with a superb view of the Downtown Toronto Skyline! And being midway from downtown and the suburbs, it was easily reached at by all. And everyone did reach! And bang on time! We were easily 50 of us who turned up.

The Party was shifted to the ground floor so that Sunil Whabi (NBD ’89) on his wheelchair could join us. Kudos to you for making it Whabi!
We were all from different batches, with more than decades between us, but we all know what happens when two OS get together – we bring the roof down!
There were some new OS who were not aware of our large OS fraternity in Toronto + GTA Community, and were coming to this OS meet-up for the first time! It was really nice to get to know them.

A special mention to Sanil Juneja (VBD ’00), who drove more than 3 hours one way, to come all the way from Windsor, ON.
There were a few youngsters, 2016 batch! And compared to us fogeys, they could just as well be CS – Current Sanawarians! I was tempted to order them around and ask them to “get my drink, junie”! 🙂

This time we had a big family turnout and had a separate OS Kids table! And as always, we had handwritten badges for all – OS kids, OS Spouse and ofcourse, the OS!

As Sun began to set, the chatter grew livelier and the slapping of the backs harder. There were love and camaraderie in the air! No one wanted to leave. The waitress’ were literally ushering us out the door in an attempt to seat the next guests, as we had the tables only till 5:00 pm. It was close to 7:00 pm when the last of us left, very reluctantly.

This was a very significant Meet up for two reasons…
One, We had Dr. Nazli Siddiqui (’57) who graced us with her presence. It was fantastic to see her!
Second, This Meet-up heralds the official launch of our OS Chapter in Toronto! Congrats all

Remembering Dhiraj Sapru OS85

Dear Sanawarians,

Dhiraj Sapru OSH 85 passed away on 8th June 2018 . A spiritual soul who touched many lives.
His family and friends come together giving him a fond farewell.

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